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By Jit Majumdar

  1. speaking or expressing through water
  2. issuing forth of water.
  3. an ancient fertility festival and observance of prehistoric origin in the Śākta tradition, (derived from the local names amthisua, amoti or ameti) centered around the Kāmarupa Kāmākhyā shrine in the state of Assam, occurring in the month of June, at the onset of monsoon, and lasting for four days, celebrated as the menstruation period of the Goddess as Nature or Mother Earth, when red-coloured groundwater seeps out from the vulva-shaped rock formation that is worshipped as the yoni (vulva) of the Mother Goddess in the said shrine; it is the biggest and most famous annual congregation of Śāktas in the Indian subcontinent, an the foremost celebration of the femininity, fertility, and motherhood of Nature.

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