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Anandamayi Maa

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Ma Anandamayi was born on April 30, 1896, to Bengali parents in a small village named Kheora in Tripura, which is now situated in Bangladesh. From an early age, like many saintly persons, she manifested her miraculous powers and occasionally fell into trance. She was married at an early of age of 12 to Bholanath who worked in police department. After her marriage she passed through difficult times, but carried herself with aplomb. During this period she developed intense devotion to Lord Krishna and underwent gradual inner transformation, which led to her self realization at the age of 26. As time went by, her popularity grew and people from far and wide started visiting her to seek her blessings. During her eventful life she visited many parts of India and met many influential people including Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who developed a special liking to her and treated her with fatherly affection. She passed away in August 1983.