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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Ayye metha Kadinam

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Ayye metha kadinam

Gopalakrishna Bharathi

Translated by

Ragam Punnagavarali
Thalam Aadhi

(This song is the reply given by NandanAr to his landlord when the latter, recognizing the great devotion of NandanAr, asks him to teach the secret of attaining Godhead. It is extremely complex and on my request Sri Lakshman Ragde sent me its meaning. I tried to understand it by reading what Sri Lakshman wrote and this is the result. I am also giving the meaning sent by sri Ragde from below my translation. Millions of thanks to Sri Lakshman Ragde . May God bless him.)

Ayye metha kadinam , umakku adimai , ayye metha kadinam

Poyyatha Ponnambalthu ayya irukkumidam,
Naiyantha manitharkku uyyathu kandu kollum

1.Balakrishnan paninthidum seela guru Chidambaram,
Mele vaitha vasayale kalan athru povadendru,
Chathiram nalla kshethiram , sar pathiram,
Jnana nethiram kondu, vasiyale .
Moolakanal vazhiye chuzhandru vara
Pujai panni paninthuttu , Mashara kundaliyai vittu
Aattume, manam moottume , melottume , vazhi kattume, indha,
Manabhimanam vittu thanagi ninravarkku ,
Senathipathi pola jnathipathiyundu,

2.Parume, katti karume , ulle cherume, athu porume, ange,
Sangai arave nindru, pongi varum palundu,
Angam ilaipari kondu , thanga bommai polave,
Nillume , yethum chollume , jnanam chollume, yadhum vellume, indha,

3.Attangam panninalum , nettangu panniyathu ,
Kittathu, kitti vara ottathu , muttiyathu,
Payum munai theyume , athu oyume, ulle thoyume, veda,
Manthirathile pottu yendirathile parru nee,
Thanthirahileyum illai , anthathile ava,
Daname , athu daname , bala veename , pesaa moname, antha

4.Muppazhum thandi vandhu , appale nindravarkk ,
Ipparvai kidayathu , appal thiru nadanam,
Aaduvaar, thalam poduvaar , anbar kooduvaar, isai paduvaar, ithaikk,
Kandarum kidayathu , vindarum chonnathillai ,
Andanda kodiyellam monray chamainthirukkum ,
Allavo parayan chollavo, ange chellavo. Neram aguthallavo

English translation

Sire , it is very difficult, I am but your slave,
It is very difficult for me to explain

The place which the unfailing lord of the golden temple lives,
Can be easily understood by those humans who are strong.

1.The religious books say that the fear of God of death,
Is not there , due the salutation with devotion that Balakrishnan does,
To the most holy teacher of Chidambaram,
Due to the fact that it is a great temple and he being a good receiver.
If one sees Him by his inner eye of wisdom through the arch surrounding the God,
By the path of primeval fire which surrounds it,
And worship Him and bow to Him , and leaves away the baser instincts,
Which are in his Kundali, which will shake him and also surround him like a cloud,
He would leave his pride and dignity and stand firmly,
And he would become a captain of wisdom like a commander in chief.

2.Understand this , protect this truth , assimilate it within yourself , that is all that is sufficient,
All your doubts will then vanish and by drinking the ebbing milk of understanding,
All your body and mind would get relaxed and you would stand like a golden doll,
You will start understanding everything , become wise and be a victor over everything.

3.Even if you undergo great strain by yogic methods , it would go away ,
It Would not be available , would not allow you near it,
And whatever little that touches you would make the mind blunt,
It would get exhausted and would disappear within you,
You would neither get it by recitation of Vedic chants,
Nor would you be able to get it through Yanthras,
Not even by thanthric practices and in the end ,
All achievements would be of no use ,
And it Would become your weakness and be a useless silence.

4.To those who stand outside crossing the three useless divisions of life,
This vision is not there for he would dance , keep rhythm by beats ,
Audiences will gather and would sing songs ,
There are no one who have seen this, and those have felt have not revealed it,
And there all crores of universes would have joined together.
Should this be told to you by one belonging to a debased caste.
Sir, the time is getting late, shall I go there.

Meaning of the song as given in

P: Oh, my master, it is very difficult. I am your slave, and it is very difficult for me to explain. A: The presence of the all-pervasive, and unfailing Lord of the golden hall can be understood by ( and obvious to) those who have a strong devotion. (naiyAda manidar= those who are not weak) C1: Balakrishnan (GKB's mudra) loves the supreme lord of Cidambaram. Because of that love there is no fear of death (kAlan=agent of death, yaman). That is the general dictum. Cidambaram is a great place and a fitting one at that. If one uses the eye of wisdom (jnAna nEtram) the image of the Lord with the scorching flame (around the arch; vAsi= ornamental arch over the idol) will manifest itself and if you worship Him, the kuNDali (the mystic circle in the interior of the underbelly??) will enhance your standing and show the path to salvation. When one renounces pride/dignity and material attachment to people and things (mAnAbhimAnam) then they will attain superior status.

C2: You please hold on to such truth. Then it will blend with you and that is enough. Then all your doubts/fears (sangai) will disappear. Consuming such milk (of worship) your bodily fatigue will disappear and the body will become like a golden doll (tanga bommai). That will confer you the required wisdom which can conquer everything.

C3: Even if one uses all his intelligence and resources at his disposal one may not attain godhead. All such efforts may only go to waste. One may not get it through recital of mandrams and the utilization of crafty strategies. Any achievement (avadAnam) is only abortive (not consummated). It is just a weakness. Even if one crossed all the three divisions (in life) of ethics, riches, and love one may not visualize the Lord. He dances, He keeps the rhythm, His devotees gather and sing. Nobody has seen such an occurrence (kaNDArum kiDiyAdu) and those who dissected (viNDAr) all this have not told others. It is all one enormous conglomerate. Should I, a lowly creature, explain this to you? Shall I go there (to Cidambaram), it is getting late.

That is the essence (perhaps vastly deficient in translation) of what nandan tells his landlord. Basically he tells the landlord it is difficult to explain devotion and one has to experience it internally. And then he seeks the permission of the vEdiyar to go to Cidambaram (which has been on his mind for a long time).

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