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Colonial Discourse and the Suffering of Indian American Children is now published after academic peer-review and available through open access.

In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences that Indian American children face after they are exposed to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We show that there is an intimate connection―an almost exact correspondence―between James Mill’s ( a prominent politician in Britain and head of the British East India Company) colonial-racist discourse and the current school-textbook discourse. Consequently, this archaic and racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces in the Indian American children the same psychological impact as racism is known to produce: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon similar to racelessness where the children dissociate from the tradition and culture of their ancestors

This book is an outcome of 4 years of rigorous research as a part of our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within Academia.

Bhaja Govindam

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By Adi Sankara Bhagvat Pada
Translated by P.R.Ramachander


Adhi Sankara who expounded the philosophy of Advaitha mainly wrote philosophical tomes explaining his interpretation of philosophy. He also wrote several Stotras. Bhaja Govindam is a philosophical hymn written for the common man and so teaches both unalloyed devotion to the God and also high philosophy placed in simple terms.

Bhaja Govindam:Charpata Panjarika Stotra[edit]

Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam,
Govindam Bhaja Mooda Mathe,
Samprapthe sannihithe kale,
Nahi nahi rakshathi dookrunj karane., 1

Pray Govinda, Pray Govinda,
Pray Govinda, You fool,
For all the ken with you,
Will not be there,
When your end is near.

Dhinamapi rajani, sayam pratha,
Sisira vasanthou punarayatha,
Kala kreedathi gachat yayu,
Sthadapi na munjathyasa vayu., 2 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Daily comes the night, eve and morn.
The autumn and spring,
Comes again and again every year.
Time forever plays with life,
But desire does not desert this body forever. . (Pray Govinda,...)

Agre Vahni, prashte bhanu,
Rathrou chibuka samirpitha janu,
Karathala biksha taru thala vasa
Sthadhapi na munjathyasapasa., 3 (Bhaja Govindam...)

The sun in the back,
And the fire behind,
Prevents biting cold during the day,
Knees meet the chin during the night,
To keep one warm.
And food comes by the daily begging,
Life is spent below a tree,
But desire does not desert this body forever. (Pray Govinda,...)

Yavadvitho parjana saktha,
Sthavannija parivaro raktha
Paschat jeevathi jarajjara dehe,
Varthaam prucchathi ko apina gehe., 4 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Till you are able to earn,
The wealth that everybody yearns,
All the family you love,
Will love and care.
But when the cage of your body gets old,
They would not even ask you,
“How are you?” (Pray Govinda,...)

Jatilo mundee lunchitha kesa,
Kaashayambara bahu krutha vesha,
Pasyannapi cha na pasyathi lokaa
Hyudhara nimittam bahu krutha soka., 5 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Men with hairs overgrown,
Men with a shaved head,
Men with a well-cut hair,
Men with ochre robes,
See the world,
But pretend they don’t,
And suffer all the way,
To fill their belly forever. (Pray Govinda,.)

Bagavat geetha kinchid adheetha,
Gangaajalalava kanikaa peetha,
Sukrudhapi yasya murari samarcha,
Tasya yama kim kuruthe charchaam., 6 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Read and imbibe Bhagavat Gita,
Drink a drop of the holy Ganga,
At least once salute the Lord,
Then the God of death,
Will not bother you forever. (Pray Govinda,.)

Angam galitham palitham mundam,
Dasanaviheenam jatham thundam,
Vruddho yathi gruheetha dhandam,
Tadapi na munjathyaasa pindam., 7 (Bhaja Govindam...)

The limbs have become weak,
The head has become fully bald,
There are no teeth in the mouth,
And the old man totters with an aid of a stick,
But desire does not desert this body ever. (Pray Govinda,...)

Balasthavat kreedasaktha,
Stharunasthavath tharunee saktha,
Vrudha staavath chintha magna,
Parame brahmani kopi na lagna., 8 (Bhaja Govindam...)

The child’s mind is engaged in play,
The youths mind is engaged in his lasses charms,
The old man’s mind is full of worries,
But no one thinks of the Ultimate Truth. (Pray Govinda,...)

Punarapi jananam punarapi maranam,
Punarapi janani jatare sayanam,
Iha samsaare khalu dusthare,
Krupayaa pare pahi murare., 9 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Again and again one is born,
And again and again one dies,
And again and again one sleeps in the mother’s womb,
Help me to cross,
This limitless sea of Life,
Which is uncrossable, my Lord (Pray Govinda, ...)

Punarapi Rajani, punarai divasa,
Punaraip paksha, punarapi maasa,
Punarapyayanam, punarapi varsham,
Tadapi na munjityasaamarsham., 10 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Again and again this dark nights,
Again and again this luster full days,
Again and again these months and years,
But pride and desire never leaves you forever (Pray Govinda,...)

Vayasi gathe ka kama vikara,
Shushke neere ka kaasaara,
Nashte dravye ka parivaara,
Gnathe tathwe ka samasaara., 11 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Why this passion, when one totters with age,
Why the search for water in the dried up lake,
Why search for relations, when wealth dries,
There is no desire for life,
When you get real knowledge. Of truth (Pray Govinda, .)

Naree sthana bhara nabhi nivesam,
Mithyaa mayaa mohaavesam,
Ethan mamsavasaadhi vikaram,
Manasi vichinthaya vaaram vaaram., 12 (Bhaja Govindam...)

A lady’s busts divine,
Her bellies shapely,
They are but gates of deceit,
And the joy that is given out,
Is by flesh and fat alone..
Think of this,
Day in and day out (Pray Govinda,...)

Kasthwam Ko aham kutha ayatha?
Kaa me janani ko me thatha.
Ithi paribhavaaya sarvamasaaram,
Viswam tyakthwa swapna vichaaram., 13 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Who am I?
Where from did I come?
Who is my mother ?
Who is my father?
Think of these,
Realize that this world,
Is but a meaningless mirage,
And Leave this dream like world (Pray Govinda,.)

Geyam Githa, Nama sahasram,
Dhyeyam sri pathi roopamajasram,
Neyam sajjana sange chittam,
Dheyam deenajanaaya cha vitham., 14 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Sing the Geetha,
And His thousand names,
Meditate on the Lord of Lakshmi,
Spend time with good souls,
Give all the wealth to the poor. (Pray Govinda,.)

Yavajjevo nivasathi dehe,
Kusalam thaavath prucchathi gehe,
Gathavathi vaayou dehaapaaye,
Baryaa bhibyasthi tasmin kaye., 15 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Till the breath is in the body,
All friends ask your welfare,
When it leaves your frame,
Even your darling wife,
Is full of fear of you, Hey fool (Pray Govinda, ..)

Sukhadha kriyathe ramaa bhoga,
Paschatdandha sarere roga,
Yadyapi loke maranam saranam,
Tadapi na munchathi papacharanam., 16 (Bhaja Govindam...)

It is but for pleasure,
That a lady is sought,
Slowly the body gets sick,
The only path leads you,
To your death for sure,
Still no one leaves the sinful ways. (Pray Govinda,..)

Radhyaa charpata virachita kkandha,
Punyaapunya vivarjitha padha.
Naaham nathwa naayam loka,
Stadhapi kimartham kriyathe soka., 17 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Like collecting strewn rags all the way,
In life one collects sin and good deeds.
Realize that me or you,
Is not the truth.
In your newly chartered path
Still why are you sad? (Pray Govinda,..)

Kuruthe Gangaa sagara gamanam,
Vrutha paripaalana madhava dhaanam,
Gnana viheena sarvamathena,
Mukthin na bhavathi janma sathena., 18 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Take bath in Ganga,
Take a dip in the ocean,
Observe penance,
Give money to charity.
All faiths tell you without fail,
And if you do not realize this truth,
Even in hundred lives,
You will not attain the Lord. (Pray Govinda,.)

Yoga ratho vaa bhogaratho vaa,
Sanga ratho vaa sanga viheena,
Yasya brahmani ramathe chittam,
Nandathi nandathi nandathyeva., 19 (Bhaja Govindam...)
You get joy,
Of meditation or passion,
Or you get joy,
In solitude or in company,
But All these are but impermanent.
Try to make your mind one, 
With Para Brahmam,
That is the only permanent joy. (Pray Govinda,...) 

Bhaja Govindam:Dwadasha Panjarika Stotra[edit]

Bhaja Govindam, Bhaja Govindam,
Govindam Bhaja Mooda Mathe,
Samprapthe sannihithe kale,
Nahi nahi rakshathi dookrunj karane., 1

Pray Govinda, Pray Govinda,
Pray Govinda, You fool,
For all the ken with you,
Will not be there,
When your end is near.

Arthamanartham Bhavaya nithyam,
Naasthi thatha sukalesa sathyam,
Puthraadhapi dhana bhaajam bheethi,
Sarvathraisha vihithaareethi., 2 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Wealth that you earn,
Has no meaning in life,
The real truth in it, is,
That it gives no pleasure,
The wealthy are but scared,
Even of him whom they beget, (Pray Govinda,..)

Kaa thee kanthaa kasthe puthra,
Samsoroya matheeva vichitram,
Kasya twam ka kutha aayatha,
Sthathwam chinthya yadhidham braatha., 3 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Who is your darling wife?
And who is the son whom you love,
This world is but strange,
Who are you, where from you came?
Think of these, Think of these (Pray Govinda,...)

Maa kuru dhana jana yowana garwam,
Harathi nimishoth kaala sarvam,
Maamaya midhamakilam hithwa,
Brahmapadam twam pravisa vidhitwa., 3 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Proud as peacock are you,
Of all the millions that you have,
And of all those who are with you,
Day in and day out,
And of the strength of youth in you.
Time, the thief is doing its job,
Of stealing them by and by,
All these are yes today and no tomorrow. (Pray Govinda,.)

Kaamam krodham lobham moham,
Tyakthwaathmanam bhavaya koham,
Atma jnana viheenaa mooda,
Sthepachyanthe naraka nigooda., 4 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Leave out your passion,
Leave out your anger,
Leave out your love for money,
Leave out your yearning in life,
Think and think, who you are?
Those who find it not, are but fools,
And are always happy in hell. (Pray Govinda,.. )

Sura mandhira tharu moola nivaasa,
Sayya bhoothala majinam vaasa,
Sarvapariguha bhoga thyaaga,
Kasya sukham na karothi viraaga., 5 (Bhaja Govindam...)

He lives in the deep dark forest,
Or below a big banyan,
Sleep he does on the bare floor,
He has given up his all,
Who in this entire world, so big,
Is as happy as he is. (Pray Govinda,..)

Sathrou mithre puthre bandhou,
Maa kuru yathnam vigraha sandhou,
Bhava sama chitta sarvathra twam,
Vaanchasya chiraadhyadhi Vishnu twam., 6 (Bhaja Govindam...)

You would be one with Him
If but you can see them as one,
Your enemy whom you hate,
Your friends whom you love,
Your sons whom you adore,
And all other friends who are so close.
And if this entire world.
Is to you all and the same. (Pray Govinda,.)

Twayi mayo chaanya traiko vishnur
Vyartham kupyasi sarva sahishnu,
Sarwasaminnapi pasyaathmaanam,
Sarvathrothsyuja bhedaajnananm., 7 (Bhaja Govindam...)

In you and in me is Govinda,
So on whom will you show your ire?
See all as one and one as all,
Leave this difference between one and one. (Bhaja Govindam...)

Praanayamam prathyaaharam,
Nithyaa nithya viveka vichaaram,
Jaapyasametha samadhi vidhaanam,
Kurvavadhaanam mahadhava dhaanam., 8 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Control your senses, you fool,
Withdraw from all your wants,
Try to find the difference.
Between that which is perennial,
And that which is not,
Live and think in that He,
This is what will make you,
Decision maker supreme. (Pray Govinda,..)

Nalinee dhalagatha jalamathi thralam,
Tadwadjjevtha mathisaya chapalam,
Viddhi vyaadhibhimaana grastham,
Lokam sokahatham cha samastham., 9 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Like the tiny drop of water,
Floating on a lotus leaf,
The life today is here,
And tomorrow there,
This world full of aches,
And bloated ego,
(Which is like an air filled up ball)
Is a place of sorrow. (Pray Govinda. ...)

Kaa the ashtaadasa dese chinthaa,
Vaathula thava kim naasthi niyanthaa.
Yasthaam hasthe sudhrude nibaddham,
Bhodayathi prabhavadhi viruddham., 10 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Why this thought,
Of eighteen countries, Hey Lunatic,
Fold your hands tight,
Think of Him,
Who controls,
All that in you. (Pray Govinda...)

Satsangathwe nissamgathwam,
Nissamgathwe nirmohathwam,
Nirmohathwe nischala thatwam,
Nischala tathwe jeevan mukthi., 11 (Bhaja Govindam...)

With good pals in this world,
You loose desire for things,
With loss of this terrible desire,
You loose passion for life,
With loss for this passion,
You realize the truth, (Pray Govinda,..)

Gurucharanaambuja nirbhara bhaktha,
Samsarada chirabhava mukthaa,
Sendriya maanasa niyamaadevam,
Drakshyasi nija hrudayastham devam., 12 (Bhaja Govindam...)

With your mind trained,
By your spiritual guide,
You can cross the sea of life,
And once you cross the sea,
You can see the Govinda in your heart. (Pray Govinda...)

Dwadasa pancharikaamaya esha.
Sishyaanaam kadhithohyuapadesha,
Yeshaam chithe naiva viveka.
Sthe pachyanthe narakamanekam., 13 (Bhaja Govindam...)

Twelve pearls of wisdom these,
Are taught to those,
Hungry souls,
In whose mind there is no wisdom
And suffering all the life (Pray Govinda...)

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