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By Swami Harshananda

Cakrapujā literally means ‘worship in a circle’.

The cult of the Devi or the Divine Mother, though originate from the Ṛgveda itself,[1] gradually developed into two main channels:

  1. The Dakṣiṇamārga or the right-handed path
  2. The Vāmamārga or the left-handed path

One such rite is the cakrapujā or ‘worship in a circle’. According to the Kaulāvalinirnaya an equal number of men and women, without distinction of caste or even blood relationship, meet at night and sit in a circle. The goddess is represented by a yantra or diagram. The women cast their bodices in a receptacle and each of the assembled men finds a female companion for that night by picking up a bodice from the same.


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