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By Jit Majumdar

  1. lord of the parasol;
  2. the one who is adorned or marked by the royal parasol; one whose monarchy shelters the subjects like an umbrella or parasol.
  3. the title and epithet of Śivāji Raje Bhosle, (1630 – 1680 CE), a great military strategist, administrator and statesman who was the founder of the Hindu Maratha Empire in 1674 CE, the son of Shāhaji Bhosle and Jījā Bai, the husband of Soyarabai and the father of the succesor Śambhāji and Rājārām. He is noted for his excellent military skills and tactical warfare, and for his benevolent inclusive rule with democracy and justice, and equal and fair treatment to all irrespective of religion or fealty. (see: Śivāji).