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By Jit Majumdar

  1. beautiful; wonderful
  2. picture; portrait; anything that strikes the eye; anything that is a pleasant sight; ornament; sky; illusion
  3. a son of Dhŗtarāşţra (M. Bh.); an elephant who was the playmate of Kārtikeya, or Subramaņya (M. Bh.); a hero of the Cedi kingdom who fought for the Pāndavas (M. Bh.); a Gāndharva who was the friend of Arjuna (M. Bh.) (fem: citrā): an apsarā (M. Bh.); a daughter of the Yadava prince Gada; the 14th rāśi, or lunar masion, which corresponds to the Star Spica, or Alpha Virginis; the second daughter of Vasudeva and Rohiņī and the sister of Subhadrā and Balarāma (Hv. Pur.).