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Pulastya is one of the expounders of dharma enumerated by Vrddha-Yajnavalkya. VUvarQpa quotes a verse from him on sarira. The Mit. ( on Yaj. I. 261) cites a verse from Pulastya that a Brlhmana should principally use ascetic’s food ( i. e. vegetable food ) in ^raddha, that ksatriyas and vaiSyas should use meat and Madras honey.*J< The Mit. ( Yaj. Ill 253 ) quotes two verses of Pulastya who enumerates eleven intoxicating drinks together with sura as the twelfth.^” Apararka quotes several verses from Pulastya on samdhya, iraddha, aiauca, duties of yatis, prayaicitta. Apararka quotes two verses from Pulastya propounding the view that a combination of jfiana and karma is the correct view. The first of these verses is ascribed by him to Yoga-Yajnav.tlkya elsewhere ( note 336 ). The Smrticandrika quotes about forty verses from Pulastya on ahnika and ^raddha. In one place it quotes Pulastya on the efficacy of bathing on Sunday, Tuesday, and Saturday. In another place it refers to the japa of Rama, Parasurama, Nrsithha, Trivikrama.

The Danaratnakara of Cande^vara cites a prose text from Pulastya on the gift of deer-skin. The Pulastya-smrti must have been composed between 4th and 7th century A. D.

Synopsis: An expounder of dharma named in a verse of Vflha Yajnavalkya - Visvarupji, Mitaksara, Apararka cite man} verses on ’ ahnika andsraddha - Danaratnakara cites a prose passage ^ Pulastya- composed between 4th and 7th century A. D.

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