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By Jit Majumdar

  1. marked by gates or doorways
  2. having many gates or doors
  3. the city-state that was the capital of the Ānarta Kingdom, founded by Kŗşņa on the west coast off central India, on the Sindhu Sāgara (Arabian Sea) for the Yādava clans and tribes, after their flight from their original capital Mathurā of the Śurasena Kingdom, to protect themselves from the overwhelming military might of Jarāsandha, who became the arch-enemy of the Yadava people and specially of Kŗşņa upon the latter’s killing of Kańsa who was Jarāsandha’s son-in-law, and which was later submerged under the sea and at present the ruins of which are found underwater off the coast of the modern city of Dwarakā, in the district of Jamnagar in the westernmost point of the modern state of Gujarat.

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