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Introduction to wedding songs

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Introduction to wedding songs


The Brahmin marriages of Tamil Nadu consist of several rituals which are not prescribed by the Vedas. Such rituals are not , naturally accompanied by Vedic Manthras. Examples of such rituals are Kasi Yathrai, Oonjal, Nalangu etc.(Refer for details in .
To make these rituals interesting such rituals are accompanied by songs sung by the guests assembled to attend the marriage. This also gives rise lot of merriment and mirth and gives a chance to the talented budding singers a chance to exhibit their talents. These special songs which were known to our grand mother’s generation slowly disappeared and gavce way to suitable film music. But even that has gone out of fashion nowadays, where people a re in a hurry to complete the rituals as fast as possible.
In my mission to preserve our culture to the next generation , I am giving some songs which I could collect. I have mainly depended on a book pulished by Lifco publishers called “Gowri Kalyaname Vaibhogame” in the year 1977. and also on the discussion
Which gives many such songs in Tamil. I know the number of songs collected by me is very ess. I request my readers to contribute such songs in consultation with the ladies of the previous generation.