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From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Translated By P.R.Ramachander

Madhuram Madhurebhyopi,
Mangalebhyopi Mangalam,
Pavanam pavenebhoyobi,
Harair nama Kevalam., 1

Only the name of Hari,
Is sweeter than sweet,
Is better than the best,
And purer than the pure.

Aabrhamasthambha paryantham,
Sarva maaya mayam Jagath,
Sathyam sathyam puna sathyam,
Harair nama Kevalam., 2

Only the name of Hari,
Is truth and again the truth,
From the beginning to eternity,
In this world which is full of illusion.

Sa guru sa pitha chapi,
Sa matha bandhavopi sa,
Shikshayecheth sada smathu,
Harair nama Kevalam., 3

If some one teaches always that,
Only the name of Hari is to be thought of,
He is the teacher, He is the father,
He is the mother and he is the relative.

Niswase na hi viswasa,
Kadha rudho bhavishyathi,
Keerthaneeyamatho balyayaddhare,
Harair nama Kevalam., 4

There is no certainty of the breath,
As to when it will stop forever,
And so we have to sing from childhood,
Only the name of Hari.

Hari sada vasethathra,
Yathra bhagwatha jana,
Gayanthi bhakthi bhavena,
Harair nama Kevalam., 5

Hari lives in that place,
Where learned devotees,
Sing with great devotion,
Only the name of Hari.

Aho dukham maha dukham,
Dukhath duka tharam yatha,
Kachartha vismrutham rathnam,
Harair nama Kevalam., 6

Alas, sorrow great sorrow.
Greater sorrow than sorrow,
Is for him who forgets the jewel,
That is, Only the name of Hari,
For the sake of a glass piece of pleasure

Dheeyathaam dheyathaam karno,
Neeyathaam neeyathaam vacha,
Geeyatham geeyathaam nithyam,
Harair nama Kevalam., 7

Give and give again your ears,
Tell and tell again with your words,
Sing, sing again daily and forever that,
There is only the name of Hari.

Thruneekruthya jagat sarva,
Rajathe sakalopari,
Chidananda mayam,
Harair nama Kevalam., 8

Making the entire old like a twig,
Shines and rules over every other thing,
Is Only the name of Hari,
Which is full of eternal joy.