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By Swami Harshananda

Karaṇḍa-mukuṭa literally means ‘crown resembling a basket’.

Images of Gods, Goddesses and lesser divinities generally have a mukuta or a crown on their heads. One of the several varieties of such crowns is the karaṇḍa-mukuṭa. ‘Karaṇḍa’ means a basket. It is usually made of bamboo strips. Hence karaṇḍa-mukuṭa is a crown resembling basket of bamboo strips.

Usually female deities, some minor gods, and yakṣas are provided with karaṇḍa-mukutas. It has three round basket shaped tiers in the odd numbers of three, five or seven. The lowest tier is studded with jewels and has a golden band. The topmost tier is surmounted by a śikhamaṇi or crest-jewel.


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