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By Swami Harshananda

Mārjana Definition[edit]

Mārjana is ceremonially purifying the body by sprinkling water with kuśa grass[1] on specified parts of the body with the repetition of the well-known Vedic mantra ‘āpo hi ṣṭhā’.[2]

Mārjana Ritual[edit]

Sometimes the Gāyatrī mantra along with the three vyāhṛtis[3] and some Vedic mantras are also prescribed to be recited during mārjana.

Sandhyā Ritual[edit]

The sandhyā ritual is also called ‘sandhyāvandana’. It is an important part of the daily routine of every dvija.[4] Out of the several steps involved in its performance, mārjana is also the one.


  1. Kuśa grass means Poa cynosuroides retz.
  2. Ṛgveda 10.9.1-3
  3. They are bhuh etc.
  4. Dvija is a member of the first three castes.
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