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By Swami Harshananda

The Madanaratna is also known as Madanaratnapradipa. Madanapradipa is a voluminous compendium of dharmaśāstra. It is attributed to Viśvanātha, son of Bhattapujya and a resident of Kāśi. He was a court pundit under the king Madanasiṅha. He probably lived during the period A. D. 1400-1450.

The work is in seven sections called ‘uddyotas’ which means ‘that which sheds light'. These sections are:

  1. Samaya - time
  2. Ācāra - conduct
  3. Vyavahāra - legal procedures
  4. Prāyaścitta - expiations
  5. Dāna - gifts
  6. Śuddhi - purificatory rites
  7. Śānti - propitiatory rites

Only a few sections have been published so far.


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