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From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

By Swami Harshananda

Viṣṇu is often described as the enemy of Madhu and Kaiṭabha. Both of them were two powerful demons. These demons were brothers. They emerged out of the ears of Viṣṇu when he was sleeping and threatened to kill Brahmā. Brahmā prayed to Mother Kālī, the presiding deity of Viṣṇu’s sleep. Then she emerged out of Viṣṇu’s body. He woke up from his sleep and killed the two demons with his discus.

There was another demon Madhu, who was the son of the demoness Lolā and father of Lavaṇāsura. He was a great devotee of Śiva and had obtained a powerful trident from him on the condition that he should never use it against the devas or gods, nor harm the people of the world. He built a city called Madhupura or Madhurā and was ruling there. His queen was Kumbhīnasī. When his son Lavaṇāsura started transgressing dharma, he became disgusted and gave the trident to him and went away for tapas or practicing austerities. Lavaṇāsura was later killed by Śatrughna, younger brother of Rāma.


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