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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Malar Padal Stotram(Tamil)

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Malar Padal storam(tamil)
(Prayer of flowers)

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(This remarkable prayer in Tamil tells us the benefits we would get by worshipping 23 forms of the Goddess with 23 different types of flowers.)

1.Roja poo kondu vandhe –engal Rajarajeswariyai poojai cheythal,
Desadhi desam mechum Rajavai pola vazha cheyval.

If you bring rose flowers and worship our Rajarajeswari ,
She would make you live like a king appreciated by all countries.

2.Mullai poo kondu vandhe- engal komalangiyai poojai cheythal,
Illai endru chollamale aval alli alli thanthiduval.

If you bring jasmine* flowers and worship her with a pretty mien,
She will never say no and keep on giving and giving.
*Jasminum auriculatum

3.Marukozhundu kondu vandhe –engal maheswariyai poojai cheythal,
Thirukolam kondu ange , dinam thorum aval vanthiduval.

If you bring Davanam and worship our great Goddess,
She would assume her divine form and daily come there.

4.Jathi poo kondu vandhe-engal jothi avalai poojai cheythal,
Oodhi unaraa vithai ellam thanthu medhai endrakki viduval.

If you bring Jaji mullai* flowers and worship our flame of light,
She would give you knowledge that you have not learnt and make you a genius.
*Jasminum grandiflorum

5.Magizham poo kondu vandhe –engal mathangiyai poojai cheythal,
Manamagatha kanniyarkku thirumanam aval nadathi vaippal.

If you bring Bakula* flowers and worship our Goddess of knowledge ,
She would carry out the marriage of unmarried maids.
Mimuspos elengi

6.Thazham poo kondu vandhe –engal Dakshayaniyai poojai cheythal,
Vazhatha pennai aval nadanudan cherthu vazha vaippal.

If you bring Screw pine *flowers and worship our Goddess who is daughter of Daksha,
She would make the lady who does not live her husband , rejoin him.
*Pandanus odoratissmus

7.Pathram kondu vandhe- engal Bhagwathiyai poojai cheythal,
Puthra bhagyam illathavarkku Kuzhandhai peru thanthiduval.

If you bring leaves and worship our Goddess Bhagawathi,
She would bless with children, those who did not have any child.

8.Thamarai poo kondu vandhe-engal Shyamaiyai poojai cheythal,
Thamatham cheyyamale aval thali pichai thanthiduval.

If you bring lotus flowers and worship our black Goddess,
Without any delay she would help your husband to live.

9.Malligai poo kondu vandhe –engal Maheswariyai poojai cheythal,
Billi soonyam evaal , yellam aval pinnale oda cheyval.

If you bring jasmine* flowers and worship our supreme godess,
She will make Black magic and evil spirits and others to run behind her.
*Jasminum sambac

10. Chenpaga poo kondu vandhe –engal ambigayai poojai cheythal,
Janmantrhara pavamellam aval theerthu vilakki ottiduval.

If you bring Champa* flowers and worship our divine mother ,
She will put a end to sins earned over several births and make them vanish
*Indian magnolia-Michalea Champaka

11.Parijatham kondu vandhe-engal Parvathiyai poojai chythal,
Bala roopam kondu aval nam pavamellam pokkiduval

If you bring Parijatha flowers and worship our Goddess Parvathi,
She would assume the form of a lass and destroy all our sins.
*Night Jasmine- Nyctanthes arboritristis

12.Arali poo kondu vandhe –engal abhiramiyai poojai cheythal,
Alavilladha chelvathai aval aga magizha thanthiduval

If you bring Arali* flowers and worship our Goddess Abhirami,
Then with a mind overflowing with joy she will give immeasurable wealth
*Ghanera flower-Nothapoytes nimmoniana

13.Chemparuthi kondu vandhe –engal chandigayai poojai cheythal,
Mayamai kanavil vandhu manthirangal pala cholliduval.

If you bring red hibiscus flowers and worship our Goddess Chandika,
She will come in your dreams as illusion and teach us several chants.

14. Madulam poo kondu vandhe –Engal mathavai poojai cheythal,
Mangala vazhvu thanthu aval mana magizha cheythiduval.

If you bring pomegranate flowers and worship our mother,
She will give us an auspicious life and fill our mind with joy.

15.Maruthanipoo konduvandhe – engal Mangalayai poojai cheythal,
Arul koornthu nammunne aval anugraham cheythiduval.

If you bring Henna flower and worship our auspicious Goddess,
She will shower her grace on us and give us her blessings.

16.Neelambaram kondu vandhe –engal Neelayathakshiyai poojai cheythal,
Nithyanandam kondume aval nithya vasam cheythiduval.

If you bring blue lotus flowers* and worship our Goddess with blue eyes,
She will bring everlasting joy and live us forever.
*Ecbolium ligustrinum

17.Manoranjitham kondu vandhe -engal Manonmaniyai poojai cheythal,
Ganamana sukandhamudan aval kalippu miga thanthiduval.

If you bring Hari Champa* flowers and worship our goddess who shines in our mind,
She would give very great happiness with heavy perfume.
*Artabotrys hexapetalus

18.Sampangi poo kondu vandhe-engal SAnkariyai poojai cheythal,
Sakala soubhagyamum thanthu , aval chanjalathai neekiduval.

If you bring Champa* flowers and worship the consort of our Lord Sankara,
She would give all sort of luck and remove worries from our mind.
*Plumeria rubra

19.Thumbai poo kondu vandhe , engal durgayai poojai cheythal,
Daridirathai thurathi , aval dhana dhanyam pozhinthiduval.

If you bring Drona Pushpi flowers and worship our Goddess Durga,
She would drive away poverty and rain wealth and grains,
*Leucas aspera

20.Samanthi poo kondu vandhe-engal Sarveswariyai poojai cheythal,
Sathiyamai vazhvinile, aval santhoshathai alithiduval

If you bring Chrysanthemum flowers and worship our Goddess of all,
Truly she will shower immense joy in our life.

21.Mandharapoo kondu vandhe engal Lalithambikayai poojai cheythal,
Banda pasam yavum neeki aval chinthai magizhcheythiduval.

If you bring Mandara* flowers and worship our mother Lalitha ,
She would remove all your attachments and make you joyous in her thought.
*Bauhinia vahlii

22.Vettiver kondu vandhe , engal Kamakshiyai poojai cheythal,
Mattillatha magizchiyudan aval maanidhi thanthida vanthiduval.

If you bring Khaskhas* and worship our favourite goddess,
Then she would come to give you a treasure with boundless joy.
*Chrysopogon zizanioides

23.Kadir pachai kondu vandhe , engal Kamakshiyai poojai cheythal,
Kadai kannal kadakshithu janma saphalyam thanthiduval.

If you bring green spikes and worship Goddess Kamakshi ,
She will give you a side long glance and give you salvation.

24.Karumari Chambal pethal kanda pini odi vidum ,
Idainjalgal maari inbam illathai naadi varum.

If we get the sacred ash of Goddess Kali, all diseases will fly way,
And all road blocks will vanish and happiness will come in search of us.

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