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Martial History

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Being a pacifistic dharm, Hinduism advocates a peaceful resolution or samyak samkalpajo. The Vow of Ahimsa is mandatory to follow and violence is only ever recommended in self-defense, and even then only if it is the last resort.

Mahatma Gandhi, the world's greatest peacemaker had emphasized that the message of the Mahabharata was nonviolence, and it can be seen below:

"Victory through a war is deplorable if it could be achieved without a war. Nothing is greater than a victory gained through dharm.'"
"Victory creates enmity. The defeated is engrossed in suffering. Having kept himself aloof from victory and defeat, the peaceable person sleeps undisturbed.
"War is thorough and thorough distress. Who remains unhurt while hurting others?"
"A wise man should be content with what can be obtained by the expedients of conciliation, gift and dissention.'"

Yajnavalkya, says in his Yajnavalkya Smriti:

"War is the last expedient to be used when all others have failed."

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