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By Swami Harshananda

Mataṅga was a brahmarṣi whose hermitage was on Rṣyamuka hill near Hampi in modern day Karnataka. The severed head of the demon, Dundubhi, fell in this hermitage after he was killed by Vāli. The sage got angry at the defilement of his ashram and cursed Vāli that he would die if he ever stepped onto this place. Sugrīva, the younger brother of Vāli, took shelter on this hillock along with his loyal ministers (including Hanumān) as he knew that Vāli could not come there.

According to the legends connected with the exploits of Lalitā,[1] Mataṅga was a great sage endowed with the knowledge and power of various mantras. His daughter Mātañgī was an attendant of Lalitā.


  1. Lalitā is an aspect of Pārvatī, spouse of Lord Śiva.
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