Morning prayer to Meenakshi

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Translated by P. R. Ramachander

A form of Goddess Parvathi as a princess of Pandya Kingdom and is the main deity of the city of Madurai. Literally means “She who is having a fish like eye”.

Jagadamba Kadamba moola vase,
Kamala modakendu mandahase.
Mada mandira charu druk vilase,
Mayi Meenakshi krupam videhi dase.

Oh mother of all universe,
Who lives below a Kadamba tree,
Who has a face like the full moon and Lotus,
Who bestows the world with her sweet smile,
Whose beautiful vision occupies the Madura temple,
And who is my Goodss Meenakshi,
Kindly shower your grace on this your slave.