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By Swami Harshananda

Significance of Purāṇas[edit]

Purāṇas contain a lot of ancient historical traditions and material though couched in the style and language of mythology. Generally they are divided into two groups:

  1. Mahāpurāṇas - the major purāṇas
  2. Upapurāṇas - the minor purāṇas

Content of Mudgalapurāna[edit]

The Mudgalapurāna is the scripture classed among the Upapurāṇas group of works. It is written probably during the period A. D. 900-1100. It is devoted mainly to the description of nine incarnations of Gaṇapati. They are:

  1. Vakratuṇḍa
  2. Ekadanta
  3. Mahodara
  4. Gajānana
  5. Lambodara
  6. Vikaṭa
  7. Vighnarāja
  8. Dhumravarṇa
  9. Yoga

It speaks of 23 more forms of Gaṇapati. It has imbibed the influence of the tantras very much.


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