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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Namam Japikkuga

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Translated By P.R.Ramachander

This stotra, composed in Malayali by an unknown devotee of Kerala, is a prayer to the Lord to help the devotee chant the names of Lord Narayana in his death bed. The graphic numbing description of the state of the devotee in his death bed and the essentiality of his being able to chant the names of Lord Narayana is brought out. Sung with devotion, this small sthothra will definitely transport any one to divine ecstasy.


Navu kuzhayadhe namam japikkuvan,
Sadhicheedaname Narayana Hare,
Narayana Hare, Narayana Hare,
Narayana hare, narayana!

Hey Narayana, Hey Narayana,
Help me please. To chant thine names,
Without twisting my toungue,
Hey Narayana, Hey Narayana.

Moham palathume sadhichadathe than,
Deham kshayichoru vrudhanayi theernu jnan,
Dannavum vannu pidi pettu vallathe,
Dannichu kondu kidakkunna velayil,                                     (Navu kuzhayathe...)

When I am in my deathbed,
With ills and aches.
All over mine body,
And have become old,
With many of my desires still unfulfilled, (Hey Narayana...)

Vannathu pokadhe  vereyum dannangal ,
Pinneyum pinneyum vannu vannangine,
Deham muzhuvanum kai vasamakkiye,
Dehiye ittu vallakkunna velayil,                                                (Navu kuzhayadhe...)

When my physical frame,
Is dragged from diseases on all sides,
And when whatever aches that have come has not gone,
With new aches marching anew,
And filling my body to the full, (Hey Narayana...)

Meyyu thalarnnu vivasanayi onnume,
Cheyyuvan vayyathe kai kaal kuzhanju gnan,
Malinya mattameyannoru sayyayil,
Malandu kidakkunna velayil,                                        (Navu kuzhayadhe...)

When I am arrested in my bed like a python,
In the dirty bed which I never leave,
When all my body is tired,
And when my arms and legs,
Are no more firm. (Hey Narayana...)

Onu cheniju  kidakkuvanum kalgal,
Onnu marichu vekkuvanum vishamamayi,
Sandhi bandhangal kuzhanju vasam kettu,
Sandhiyil pettu valayunna velayil.                                     (Navu kuzhayadhe...)

When my joints are joined in joints,
When I am not able to lie even on my sides,
When I am not able to keep my foot in the bed,
And when all the joints are full of aches (Hey Narayana...)

Kayyilum kalilum neeu veengi chora,
Meyilillathe  vilarthoru dehiye,
Moham endhennalathu  kodukkuvan vidhicha,
Hantha  vaidyunum kai vitta velayil.                                   (Navu kuzhayadhe...)

When even the doctor,
Who wants to give me a trouble free life,
Has left me to my death,
When my hands and legs are swollen,
When my whole body is without blood. (Hey Narayana...)

Oninum kollathorthal arakkunna,
Thennum malamandettavum dukhadham,
Ennalum ee yudal  kai vidanayi madchu,
Ennude manasam mazhgidum velayil,                                   (Navu kuzhayadhe...)

When I am in the peak of my sorrow,
Dirtying my bed oft and oft,
When even my pals avoid a visit,
And When I do not want to leave this frame, (Hey Narayana...)

Maraka vyadhigal onnichu chernadhi-,
Karamen meyyil nadathi thudangave,
Chollan kazhiyattha  dandangalum  kondu,
Vallathe gnan vishamikkunna velayil                                  (Navu kuzhayade...)

When all the aches and pain,
Rule my body without mercy,
When I suffer those diseases,
Which I can never even talk (Hey Narayana...)

Thellume mamsamum medhassumilladhe.
Yellum tholiyumai  theernoru meyyumai,
Kandaloru thani pretham kanakkine,
Neendu nivarnnu kidakkunna velayil.                                    (Navu kuzhayadhe...)

When there is no more flesh,
In my body fine,
When the luster of my face is dark,
And When I lie in the cot,
Like a lifeless corpse . (Hey Narayana...)

Ekki valichu kondulla  vayarum,
Ellokeyum undhi nilkunnaru udalumai,
Tholil podinjittoru asthi koodam pole,
Kalugal neeti thudangunna velayil.                                        (Navu kuzhayadhe...)

When my belly is down,
By my harsh breathes of death,
When I am but a skeleton,
Packed in loose skin,
And when I am not able to bend my knees. (Hey Narayana...)

Noorayiram kara mullu tharachathil,
Ere gnan dandicho kondu kidakkave,
Dehathil ninnumijeeva chaithanyathe,
Mahan ilakki valikkunna velayil.                                           (Navu kuzhayadhe...)

When my body is pained,
As if struck by thousands of thorns,
When the God of death,
Pulls this soul from this physical frame (Hey Narayana...)

Chundugal random kizingu pallundhi kan
Randum kuzhinju vay pathi thurannitha gnan,
Kandal vikruthamam  roopamndum kondu,
Neendu kidannu valikkunna velatil,                                       (Navu kuzhayadhe...)

When my lips have parted,
When all my teeth protrude,
When both my eyes are sunken,
When my mouth is half open,
And When I am so bad to look at,
And lying straight in my cot (Hey narayana...)

Theeyil oodhi pazhupicha kambigal,
Meyyil adichu kethunna  pol oordwanavum,
Dehathil  agaveyullori pranane,
Dehathil ninnu vidarthunna velayil                                          (Navu kuzhayadhe...)

When my body feels,
As if driven by red-hot irons ,
Made hot by fire driven by bellows,
And my soul is being pulled ,
From this dirty body of mine (Hey Narayana...)

Ellam vedinjittu  pogendathay oru,
Vallatha gattathil ellarkkum bayangaram,
Nattu kar, veetu kar  kootu kar okkeyum,
Vittu piriyunnoraa dukha velayil.                                             (Navu kuzhayadhe...)

When at last the horrid time comes,
To bid farewell for all,
When the people of the town,.
Those relations near ,
And friends dear,
Are beating the chest for me, (Hey Narayana...)

Ethrayum dur vruthanayoru Ajamilan,
Puthane orthu than peronnurakkave,
Sathamanakkiya dehiye kai kondu,
Katha Narayana , kathu kollename.                                       (Navu kuzhayadhe...)

You who saved the sinner Ajamila of yore,
By taking him to heaven,
When he called out the name his son to save him,
As My Narayana , My Narayana,
Please save me , Oh Narayana (Hey Narayana...)

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