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By Swami Harshananda

Navagva literally means ‘those who have completed it in nine months’.

One of the Saptarṣis or the Seven Sages is Aṅgiras. Among the descendants of Aṅgiras known as Āṅgirasas, those who performed a Sattrayāga[1] and attained what they wanted in nine months were called ‘Navagvas’ and those who got the results in ten months, were called ‘Daśagvas’.[2] Sometimes the Navagvas and the Daśagvas themselves are identified with the Saptarṣis. They are supposed to live in the pitṛloka[3] and accept the obsequial offerings.


  1. Sattrayāga normally needs twelve months to complete.
  2. Rgveda 1.62.4
  3. Pitṛloka means the world of manes.
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