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By Swami Harshananda

Types of Vedic Mantras[edit]

The Vedic mantras used in yāgas or sacrifices are of four types:

  1. Ṛk - The ṛks are metrical compositions.
  2. Yajus - The yajus are complete sentences in prose.
  3. Sāman - The sāmans are set to music and sung.
  4. Nigada - The nigadas are also called as ‘praiṣas'.

Nigada Definition[edit]

Nigada are the words addressed by one priest, generally the adhvaryu, to another. It is called loudly by the former to the latter to do a certain thing. For example:

‘prokṣaṇīr āsādaya,’ ‘Approach the vessel containing the holy waters.’

On a second note, they are yajus but distinguished from them since they are uttered loudly whereas the yajus mantras are recited softly.


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