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By Swami Harshananda

Pariṇāminitya literally means ‘an entity which is real, but changing’.

This is a basic concept of the Sāṅkhya philosophy. The Upaniṣads accept the Ātman/Brahman as immutable and as the only reality. The world is said to have originated from It. Sāṅkhya philosophy considers this as self-contradictory, since what is real and immutable cannot undergo any change.

Hence it accepts two basic realities. They are:

  1. The puruṣa or the conscious self
  2. The prakṛti or the insentient matrix of all matters

The prakṛti, though real, is not immutable. It changes or evolves into this world. Hence it is called ‘pariṇāminitya’.


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