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By Swami Harshananda

Pradyumna was a re-incarnation of Manmatha.[1] He was born as the son of Kṛṣṇa and Rukmiṇī. He was considered as a partial manifestation of the sage Sanatkumāra.

As soon as he was born, the demon Sambarāsura is said to have abducted him and thrown him into the sea, where a big fish swallowed him. The fishermen who caught it brought it to the palace kitchen of Sambara. The cooks, on cutting it, found a baby inside it. This baby was then adopted by Māyāvatī, the chief maid of Sambara’s queen and brought him up. She was actually Rati, Manmatha’s queen in disguise. Later on Pradyumna killed Sambara and married Māyāvatī. He is said to have died during the infighting among the Yādavas.


  1. Manmatha is the god of love, Cupid.
  • The Concise Encyclopedia of Hinduism, Swami Harshananda, Ram Krishna Math, Bangalore

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