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Devanagari Roman Pronounce as In
a ‘a’ all
ā ‘a’ far
i ‘i’ ill
ī ‘i’ feel
u ‘u’ full
ū ‘oo’ soothe
‘ri’ trinity
‘rr’ merry
‘lr’ cavalry
e ‘e’ end
ai ‘ai’ sail
o ‘o’ old
au ‘ou’ soul
अं ‘m’s summum bonum
: ‘gh’ high


Devanagari Roman Pronounce as In
k ‘k’ kill
kh ‘kh’ ankh
g ‘g’ God
gh ‘gh’ ghost
ń ‘n’ sing
c ‘ch’ cheese
ch ‘ch-h’ witchhunt
j ‘j’ joy
jh ‘dg(e)h’ hedgehog
ñ ‘n’ ranch
ţ ‘t’ toy
ţh ‘th’ foothold
‘d’ dog
ḍh ‘dh’ redhead
‘kn’ knowledge
t ‘t’ chateau
th ‘th’ thought
d ‘th’ they
dh ‘dh’ adhesive
n ‘n’ number
p ‘p’ pink
ph ‘ph’ phosphorous
b ‘b’ boy
bh ‘bh’ abhor
m ‘m’ man
y ‘y’ young
r ‘r’ red
ड़ ŕ ‘r’ corn
ढ़ dh ‘rh’ rhetoric
l ‘l’ long
v ‘w’ war
ś ‘sh’ sharp
ş ‘sh’ shun
s ‘s’ sea
h ‘h’ home

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