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By Swami Harshananda

Savikalpaka literally means ‘with details’.

The word Savikalpaka has two applications.

Meaning as per Pratyakṣapramāṇa[edit]

In pratyakṣapramāṇa[1] it refers to a perception with all the details. For instance, when we see a pot and note its general presence, it is nirvikalpaka perception, ‘Here is a pot.’. But when we closely observe its size, color, position and other details it becomes savikalpaka perception. It denotes ‘This is a small black pot kept on a table.’

Meaning as per Samādhi[edit]

As applied to samādhi, it refers to samprajñātasamādhi, wherein all the details of the object of meditation are seen and known very clearly.


  1. Pratyakṣapramāṇa means direct perception.
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