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Sruti Bala

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By Rutvi Dattani

Sruti Bala is an Associate Professor of Theatre and Performance Studies at the University of Amsterdam. She is affiliated to the Amsterdam School of Cultural Analysis and is a member of the ASCA advisory board. She is an active member of the collective International Solidarity for Academic Freedom in India (InSAF India)

As per her profile on University of Amsterdam page, her research interests span across participatory and community art, feminist and postcolonial theories in performance and artistic activism.

As per her bio and Google scholar, she has published no books, papers or research pertaining to Hindus, rights of Hindus, impact or relationship between Islam and Hinduism / Hindutva or the Indian Government.

In 2021, she endorsed the "Dismantling Global Hindutva" conference stating that

"the current government of India [in 2021] has instituted discriminatory policies including beef bans, restrictions on religious conversion and interfaith weddings, and the introduction of religious discrimination into India’s citizenship laws. The result has been a horrifying rise in religious and caste-based violence, including hate crimes, lynchings, and rapes directed against Muslims, non-conforming Dalits, Sikhs, Christians, adivasis and other dissident Hindus. Women of these communities are especially targeted. Meanwhile, the government has used every tool of harassment and intimidation to muzzle dissent. Dozens of student activists and human rights defenders are currently languishing in jail indefinitely without due process under repressive anti-terrorism laws." [1]