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By Swami Harshananda

Svarodayavijñāna literally means ‘science of prediction depending on the breather’s health’.

The air we breathe in is interconnected with the prāṇa[1] in the body and the mind. Hence by controlling the act of breathing which is technically called svara, it is possible to control health, achieve longevity and predict certain things.

Normally, breathing takes place through one nostril at a time and it changes over to the other after an hour. When the breathing happens through left nostril, it is connected with the iḍā-nādi. When the breathing happens through right nostril, it is connected with the piñgalā-nāḍi. When it is flowing smoothly through both, it is connected with the suṣumnā-nāḍi. This science teaches the methods of changing the svara or respiration from one to the other. Perfection in Svarodayavijñāna can endow the person with several supernatural powers.


  1. Prāṇa means vital air or energy.
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