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By Swami Harshananda

Triśula literally means ‘trident’.


Triśula is also called triśikhā[1] and triśīrṣaka[2] it is the trident[3] normally shown in the hand of Śiva and some aspects of the Devī.[4]

Viśvakarma, the divine architect, is said to have fashioned it out of a portion of the tejas of the Sun (solar disc). The Sudarśanacakra[5] of Viṣṇu, the Śakti (spear) of Subrahmaṇya and the Puṣpakavimāna[6] of Kubera were also prepared by him from the same solar disc.[7]


  1. Triśikhā means triple flame.
  2. Triśīrṣaka means three-headed.
  3. Trident is a weapon.
  4. Devī is the Divine Mother.
  5. Sudarśanacakra means discus.
  6. Puṣpakavimāna means divine flying machine.
  7. Visnupurāṇa 3.2.10, 11
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