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By Swami Harshananda

Geographical Location[edit]

Tulajāpur is the town 25 kms.[1] to the south of Osmanabad in Maharashtra. It is celebrated for its temple of Tulajā bhavānī, the goddess who blessed Śivājī[2] with the famous sword called ‘Bhavāni’.

Significance of Tulajāpur[edit]

According to the Devibhāgavata[3] this is one of the Śaktipīṭhas, places hallowed by the Devi’s limbs which fell at various places.

Bhavānī Temple in Tulajāpur[edit]

In the main temple is the dark image of Bhavānī. There is a bronze icon of the lion[4] kept in front of the image. Near this shrine is a well called ‘Kallolatīrtha.’ It has a gomukha[5] from which water is constantly coming out.

Other Temples[edit]

There are quite a few other temples here dedicated to:

  1. Bhavānīśaṅkara
  2. Gaṇeśa
  3. Dattātreya
  4. Kālabhairava
  5. Mātaṅgidevī
  6. Ramāvaradāyinī
  7. Śrīrāma
  8. Hanumān


  1. It is approximately 15 miles.
  2. Śivājī lived in A. D. 1627-1680.
  3. Devibhāgavata 7.38.6
  4. It is her vāhana or mount.
  5. It means a spout.
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