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By Swami Harshananda

Vivid Meanings of Yogakṣema[edit]

As per Rgveda[edit]

The word yogakṣema has been used in the Ṛgveda[1] in the sense of earning wealth[2] and protecting it after earning.[3]

As per Dharmaśāstras[edit]

In the dharmaśāstras the word has been interpreted as iṣṭā or sacrifices for yoga and purta or public works of charity for kṣema. Another meaning is comfortable living.[4]

As per Smṛti[edit]

Some others have declared that it indicates the royal ministers and the royal priest since they bring about the welfare of the nation.[5]

As per Bhagavadgītā[edit]

However, in the well-known verse of the Bhagavadgītā[6] all the commentators agree that yoga means getting what one wants, and kṣema, protecting it.

As per Philosophical Interpretations[edit]

The philosophical interpretation can be attaining God is yoga. Mokṣa or freedom from transmigration is kṣema.


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