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Template documentation

This is the {{disambig/cat}} sub-template.

Do not use this template directly, use {{disambig}} or {{disambig-cleanup}} instead.

This template is called from {{disambig}} and {{disambig-cleanup}}. It handles some of the categorization logic for those templates.

For more documentation see {{disambig}} and {{disambig-cleanup}}.

{{dabcat}} redirects here, and is used by {{disambig-cleanup}}.


This template takes one parameter and produces a category assignment dependent on that parameter.

The main parameter value for some of the categories in this template are as follows (some other variants will also work):

This list is usually not complete, since we add new categories to this template every now and then.

Error reporting

If/when an invalid parameter is fed to this template it prints an error message and categorizes the page into Category:Wikipedia disambig or set index box parameter needs fixing. Thus editors can see when they use an invalid parameter, and if they don't notice it we can easily find and fix such cases by taking a look in that category.