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I have a Masters in Management as well as in Commerce.Currently undergoing Doctoral studies in Entrepreneurship.I am the Director of Palani Info Tech Services P Ltd a company involved in Software traing and developement.

I am actively involved with institutions that care to preserve the Santhana Dharma.I am associated with The Kanchi Mutt,Swami Dayanada Saraswati of Arsh Vidya Gurukulam and many other Swamijis.

I am the Director of Sree Parasuramacharya Veda Agama Sastra Vidyalaya a school dedicated in teaching Agama,Krishna Yajur Veda ,Dharma Sastras and Jyothisha. This vidyalaya currently has 20 Brahmacharis are undergoing their education in the traditional Gurukulam style.