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Am a humble and Proud Hindu that is my background !!

  I am interested in #1 #2 and #3 you mentioned.
  Obviously can not perhaps do all the three, Coming to #1 - am no expert, forget about expertise, am no where close to having any credible knowledge on our scriptures, Mythology, Indian history, Scientific heritage etc but possess a keen interest in the same.
  Am only partially initiated to Vedas, I have learned a little bit of Taittariya, though I belong to RiG shakha, haven't taken it forward though.
  Am supposed to follow dvaita sidhdhanta back home, but not very learned, however can gather information from experts and get it reviewed, and add it etc.
  I only chant and practice mantras very regularly, Acharyopanishad is my favorite, since I took keen interest in it since the convocation theme interested and captured my imagination me a lot during my student days, Katha upanishad and nAsadIya sukta (The hymn of Creation) are some of my personal favorites.
  Incidentally, I wanted to introduce Hindu kaala ganana in Bhagyanagar IT Milan baudhik plan, and hence was looking forward to getting some authentic information about the same on Hindupedia and that is when I found it was down for two days.
  Professionally, am a software Developer working for HP for past 6 years (System programming and a bit of Core Java knowledge)
  Working now in Bhagyanagar, keen to do my bit for the sake of my motherland and for Vishwa guru i.e. Hindu dharma.
  Ardent follower of divine trio of Sri Ramakrishna, Divine Mother Sarada, Veera Sanyasi, Vishwa vijEtaa, vishwa Maanava  Swami Vivekananda
  Active volunteer for Youth for Seva, Hyderabad

Name: Sumanth Sharma, s/o K Ravikumar Born in Bengaluru. Studies : Bengaluru Education: B.E (Computer Science) Profression: Software Developer, Employed at Hewlett Packard