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Experience & Works

  • For 12 years worked on comparative linguistics of Indo European languages, special works on Rgveda.
  • Language processing, esp voice recognition software of Hindi, vowel part was completed but consonant part could not be completed due to lack of equipment for removing extraneous noise which is relatively greater in consonants. Pure Sanskrit / Hindi vowels can be artificially generated and pronounced by writing simple numarical codes in any computer language.
  • Annual rain forecasts regularly sent to 615 weather scientists and institutions.
  • Decision by KSD Sanskrit University, Bihar, India in April 2007 to rectify its almanac (Panchaanga) with the help of software developed by Vinay Jhā (after a decision by Patna High Court). Click Here to See.
  • Decision of Department of Jyotisha , KSD Sanskrit University, Bihār, India in Sep 2008 to work on four projects related to natural disasters (forecasting Rains, Floods, Cyclones, Earthquakes) with the collaboration of and according to the computations of Vinay Jha.
  • Decision of Department of Jyotisha , KSD Sanskrit University to include Vinay Jha among the three editors of its famous Vishvavidyalaya Panchangam (not accepted by Vinay Jha), other two editors being present and former Heads of Dept of Jyotisha.
  • Verification of rain forecasts by scientist at Climate branch of NASA headquarters in USA ( Goddard Space Flight Centre or GSFC in Maryland ).
  • Research paper 'A New Approach To Rain Forecasting' accepted by CAOS of IISc ( Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore) for presentation at international conference 'Celebrating the Monsoons' (24-28 July, 2007, IISc, Bangalore).
  • Chief Editor of Mithila Times (Weekly Magazine) since Dec,1984 (now not published regularly).
  • Almanac-maker (पंचांगकार) of 8 governmental and other agencies, including almanacs published by:
    1. Adityavahini Panchangam (Puri's Shankarāchārya's Govardhana Math),
    2. Sanskrit Academy Panchangam (HRD Ministry, Govt of Bihar),Patna,India.
    3. Surya Panchangam, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India (Murari Vajpeyi)
    4. Aditya Panchangam, Varanasi, India (Dr Parasnath Ojha).
    5. Prayagraja Panchāngam, Allahabad, India (Dr Girija Shankar Shastri).
    6. Mithila Panchanga, Darbhanga, India (Dr Radhakant Mishra,Dr Udishta Narayan Jha, &c).
    7. Parmartha Panchangam, Mainpuri, UP, India.
    8. Pārānkusha Panchāngam, Gaya, Bihar, India.
  • Maker of scores of softwares related to Horoscope , Astronomy, Weather Forecasting, etc, but only the horoscope software KUNDALEE is being distributed (free of cost) : [1] ; [2] ; [3] .
  • Edited or wrote hundreds of online articles, few on Jyotisha, mostly on Indology.
  • Hundreds of articles &c published in magazines (not interested in writing on Jyotisha due to lack of good students).
  • Elucidation of secret techniques of Suryasiddhāntic almanac, published in Jyotisha Vaijnāniki Patrikā, by Dr Nāgendra Pāndey, Sampoornānand Sanskrit University (Benaras).

Papers and Lectures in Seminars

  • A New Approach To Rain Forecasting ( presented in the International conference Celebrating The Monsoons (July 24-28) held by CAOS (Centre of Atmospheric & Oceanic Sciences ) of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. This article can be downloaded from the site weatherindia (see link given in the Home Page)
  • Suryasiddhāntiya Parnchānga Ki Nirmāna Vidhi ( Hindi, presented in summarised form in the national conference at Sampoornānand Sanskrit University in Vārānasi on Oct 18-19,2005 ( It was unanimously accepted by all leading astrologers of Hindi speaking states participating in this conference that all panchangas / almanacs ought to be made solely from Surya-siddhānta). This article can be downloaded from this site (see link below the Home Page).
  • Influence of Indian Astrology upon the World (Hindi): invited lecture in Kalidasa Academy at a conference held by Vikram University , Ujjain, MP, India. This article can be downloaded from this site (see link below the Home Page).
  • Ancient Method of making National Horoscope (Hindi) : invited lecture in Kalidasa Academy at a conference held by Kalidasa Academy, Ujjain, India.

Published Book

  • Suryasiddhanta : Mathematical Analysis of Physical and Noumenal Worlds ( Second edition with thorough expansion is to be published shortly). This book can be downloaded from this website (unrevised edition).