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By M. A. Alwar

Aṃśī literally means 'one who deserves to take a share'.

Synonyms of the Word Aṃśī[edit]

The synonyms of aṃśī are:

  1. Bhāgī
  2. Vaṇṭakaviśiṣṭa

Aṃśī as per Yājñavalkya[edit]

Yājñavalkya states a verse[1] according to which, the father may divide his property among his sons as per his own will. He may give the main share to the eldest son or give equal share to all the sons. When the father is alive, sons cannot claim his property. This is because they do not have the right on pārvaṇa.


  1. “विभागञ्चेत् पिता कुर्य्यात् स्वेच्छया विभजेत् सुतान् ।ज्येष्ठं वा श्रेष्ठगेन सर्व्वे वा स्युः समांशिनः” ॥
  • Shabdakalpadrumah by Raja Radhakantdev, Varadaprasada Vasu, Haricarana Vasu