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By Krishna Maheshwari

Shabdakalpadrumah is one of the most comprehensive dictionary cum Encyclopedia of Sanskrit that was written in modern times. It provides the Etymology, gender, meanings, synonyms, quotations to illustrate usage and connotation for each word. These quotations have been drawn from major sources of Sanskrit literature including the Veda, Vedangas, Vedanta, Nyaya, other Darshanas, Purana-Itihasa, Sangita, Shilpa, Soopakarashastra, Jyotislia, Tantra-Akhyana, Kavya-Alankara-Chhanda Shastras, and Ayurveda.

It presents an authentic Dharma view, a practitioner-scholar view and not merely a scholarly/literary translation of previous work. The sponsor, Raja Radha Kanta Deva Bahadur worked with the best pundits and scholars of his time to assemble this encyclopedia in the 19th century.

The encyclopedia is 3,131 pages in length and split into five volumes. Each page having approximately 780 words.

Below are translated entries from Shabdakalpadrumah as published by Chaukamba Publishers.