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By M. A. Alwar

Gender Form of Indranīlaḥ[edit]

Indranīlaḥ is a masculine form.

Origin of the Word Indranīlaḥ[edit]

It is derived from indravat nīlaḥ which means blue like Indra.

Synonyms of Indranīlaḥ[edit]

  • Emerald [1]
  • Pānnā in Hindi.
  • Nīla[2]

Hence the names of indranila and gomeda are also referred as Gomeda and pitaratnaka.

Genuineness of Indranīlaḥ[edit]

According to Cintāmaṇidhṛta, genuineness of this gem can be tested by dropping the gem in the glass of milk. If the milk turns blue, experts assert it to be indranīla.

References of Indranīlaḥ[edit]

  • Like a necklace of pearls interwoven with sapphires that cover it with their splendor[3]


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