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By Swami Harshananda

Bhārati literally means ‘one who delights in light or knowledge’.

  • The Ṛgveda[1] mentions Bhāratī as one of the three goddesses (the other two being Ilā and Sarasvatī) who are requested to reside in the barhis or sacrificial grass.
  • In the later literature, Bhāratī has also been identified with Sarasvatī, the goddess of learning.
  • According to some religious texts, Bhāratī is one of the two consorts of Gaṇapati, the other being Śrī.
  • ‘Bhāratī’ is also one of the ten titles assigned to the monks of the Daśanāmī Order created by Śaṅkara (A.D. 788-820).


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