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By Swami Harshananda

Cāṅgadeva, a Saint[edit]

Cāṅgadeva was a saint from Maharashtra and contemporary of the famous Sant Jñāneśvar (13th cent. A.D.). He was a haṭhayogi with several miraculous powers and a host of disciples.

When he heard of the great fame of Sant Jñāneśvar, he wanted to humiliate him by showing his power. He flew riding on a fierce tiger. Jñāneśvar who was then sitting on a mud wall along with his brother Sopāna and sister Muktābāī, commanded the wall to fly. Wall flew carrying them all, much to the chagrin of the haṭhayogi! Cāṅgadeva surrendered on seeing this.

At the instance of Jñāneśvar, his younger sister Muktābāi initiated Cāṅgadeva into the mysteries of Jñānayoga. He became one of their most devoted disciples. He has composed quite a few abhaṅgas in which he has described some of his mystic experiences got by their grace.

Cāṅgadeva, an Astrologer[edit]

One other Cāṅgadeva was a grandson of the great mathematician Bhāskarācārya (A.D. 1114-1160). He was the chief astrologer under Siṅghana (a Yādava king). He founded a college for the study of Siddhāntaśiromani. It was Bhāskara’s magnum opus.


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