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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Deivame Kathu Kolga(Malayalam)

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Translated By P.R.Ramachander

Daivame kollga angu kaividathingu gnangale,
Navikan nee Bhavabdhi korarivan thoni Nin padam.., 1

God please protect us, without leaving our hand,
You are pilot in this sea of birth, and your feet is the boat.

Onnu onnai yenni thottennum porul odungiyal,
Ninnidum drukku pol ullum ninnilaspandamavanam., 2

When the counting which starts one by one comes to an end,
The mind also would stop and merge in to you.

Anna vasthradhi muttadhe thannu rakshichu jnangale,
Danyarakkunna nee onnu thane jnagaljkku Thampuran.., 3

You who give us food and close without stop,
And made us blessed are the only Lord to us.

Aazhiyum thirayum kaththu mazhavum pole jnangale,
Mayayum Nin mahimayum neeuim yen ullil aaganam.., 4

Like the sea, its tides, wind and depths, you should,
Become inside us along with illusion and your power.

Neeyallo srushtiiyum srushtavayathum srushti jalavum,
Neeyallo daivame srushtikkulla samagriyayathum.., 5

You are the created, the creator and the magic of creation,
Oh God are you not the one who became raw material for creation.

Neeyallo mayayaum mayaviyum maya vinodhavum,
Neeyallo mayaye neeki sayujam nalgum aaryanum.., 6

You are the illusion, the magician and the magical sport,
And are you not the one who removes illusion and grants salvation.

Nee sathyam jnanam aanandam nee thane varthamanavum,
Bhoothavum, bhaviyum vere ellothum mozhiyum orkkugil nee.., 7

You are the truth, wisdom and you,
You are the present, past and future,
And you are all the languages we know.

Akavum, puravum thingum mahimavarnna nin padam,
Pugazhthunnu jangal ange, Bhagavane jayikkuga.., 8

You are the thing that fills all insides and outsides,
And we praise you, Oh God, victory to you.

Jayikkuga Mahadeva, deenavana Parayana,
Jayikkuga chidananda, Dhaya sindho jayikkuga.., 9

Victory to the great God, The protector of the forest of the oppressed,
Victory to the divine God, Victory to the sea of mercy.

Aazhamerum nin mahassam aazhiyil jnangal aagave,
Aazhanam, vazhanam, nithyam vazhanam vazhanam sukham.., 10

In the very deep ocean of your divine greatness, we ourselves,
Should sink, should live, and should live daily, live happily.

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