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By Swami Harshananda

Divyadṛṣti literally means ‘divine sight’.

According to the yogic works, clairvoyant powers of perception are inherent in everyone. These powers are roused by appropriate yogic practices. Such siddhis or supernatural powers can prove to be obstacles to spiritual illumination.

Means Of Attaining Divyadṛṣti[edit]

When saṁyama, dhāraṇā, dhyāna and samādhi are practiced on the puruṣa or the individual soul, the yogi attains special supernatural powers. Divyadṛsti or ādarśa is one of the described powers[1] .

Description of Divyadṛṣti[edit]

Divyadṛṣti enables one to see objects that

  • May be extremely small or hidden by other things
  • Are at a great distance
  • May belong to a past or a future

People Who Attained Divyadṛṣti[edit]

  • Lord Kṛṣṇa gave divyadṛṣṭi to Arjuna before showing his cosmic form.[2]
  • The sage Vyāsa gave the power to Sañjaya, to ‘see’ the kurukṣetra battle from the palace itself.[3]


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