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By Jit Majumdar

  1. firm footed
  2. pillar; coloum; monument
  3. the king of the Pāñcālas, who was the son of Pŗşata, and the father of Dhŗşţadyumna, Śikhandi, and Draupadī, and the father-in-law of the five Pāndavas through their marriage to Draupadī. He was a childhood friend of Droņa, who had insulted and refused to acknowlewdged the latter when he grew up became king, which resulted in abitter enemity between them, starting a cycle of revenge-and-retribution that ultimately led to Drupada’s death at the hands of Droņa in the Bharata War, followed by Droņa’s slaying by Dhŗşţadyumna, and ultimately the slaying of Dhŗşţadyumna, Śikhandi andf the five sons of Draupadī by Droņa’s son Aśvatthāmā in a nighttime stealth attack the day after the war ended.

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