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By Swami Harshananda

Ekādaśa-Rudras literally means ‘The group of eleven Rudras’.

Though Rudra or Śiva has been projected as one of the trinity representing the destructive aspect of God, there are minor deities called as Rudras who are sometimes listed as eight or eleven. They may be gaṇadevatās, attendants of Śiva.

The following are some of the deities common to the different lists of eleven Rudras found in the epics and the purāṇas:

  1. Ajaikapāt
  2. Ahirbudhnya
  3. Pināki
  4. Tryambaka
  5. Hara
  6. Aparājita
  7. Vi'sākapi
  8. Śambhu
  9. Etc.

Almost all these names are those of Rudra/Siva himself.


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