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Hiraṇyakeśi Dharmasutras

From Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

By Swami Harshananda

Secondary scriptures like the smṛtis, āgamas, purāṇas, and dharmasutras occupy an impeccable place in today's life.

The Hiranyakeśi Dharmasutras forms an integral part of a bigger work, the Hiranyakeśi Kalpasutras (praśnas 26 and 27) and belongs to the Taittirīya branch of Yajurveda. It borrows profusely from the Āpastamba Dharmasutras.

There is a commentary on this work called Ujjvalā by Mahādeva Dikṣita composed sometime earlier than A.D. 200. The contents of this work are practically the same as those of the Āpastamba Dharmasutras.


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