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By Swami Harshananda

Kālāgnirudra is one of the terrific forms of Rudra or Śiva. Kālāgni denotes the destructive fire or ‘fire of death’. He is shown with four arms holding:

  1. Khaḍga - sword
  2. Kheṭaka - shield
  3. Dhanuṣ - bow
  4. Bāṇa - arrow

He wears red color garments. Sometimes he is shown among the Bhairavas.[1] When depicted as bhairavas he carries:

  1. Kuṇḍa - water pot
  2. Kheṭaka - shield
  3. Parigha - iron club
  4. Bhiṇḍipāla - hand javelin

In the works on Śaivasiddhānta, kālāgni represents one of the regions of the earth-element.


  1. Bhairavas are generally 64 in number.
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