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By Swami Harshananda

Kāmadhenu literally means ‘wish-yielding cow’.

Denominations for Kāmadhenu[edit]

  • Kāmadhenu is the celestial cow that fulfills all the desires. It was born out of the ocean of milk when it was being churned. Indra took it away.
  • Sometimes Vasiṣṭha’s cow Nandinī is identified with Kāmadhenu.
  • According to another version, the cow Surabhi was the daughter of Dakṣa. Surabhi’s offspring was Rohiṇi. Kāmadhenu was Rohiṇī’s daughter.

Appearance of Kāmadhenu[edit]

  • Kāmadhenu is white in color.
  • It's four feet represent the four Vedas.
  • It's four udders confer the four puruṣārthas.


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