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By Swami Harshananda

Rohiṇi, wife of Vasudeva[edit]

Rohiṇi was the first wife of Vasudeva and the mother of Balarāma, elder brother of Kṛṣṇa. In their earlier life, they were Surasā and Kaśyapa. They were reborn due to a curse of the god Varuṇa.

Rohiṇi, a Cow[edit]

Rohiṇi was also the name of a cow, daughter of Kāmadhenu, the celestial cow who gave birth to all the cows of the world.

Rohiṇi, daughter of Dakṣa[edit]

One of the twenty-seven daughters of Dakṣa married to Candra,[1] Rohiṇī was his dearest wife.

Rohiṇi, a Nakṣatra[edit]

As a nakṣatra or star-constellation (the 4th in the list of 27) Rohiṇī comprises the stars alpha, theta, gamma, delta and epsilon Tauri.

Rohiṇi as per Astrology[edit]

In astrology, it is an auspicious star suitable for the performance of caula,[2] upanayana,[3] vivāha[4] and so on.


  1. Candra means Moon.
  2. Caula means first haircut for a male child.
  3. Upanayana means investiture with the sacred thread.
  4. Vivāha means marriage.
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