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In this book, we analyze the psycho-social consequences faced by Indian American children after exposure to the school textbook discourse on Hinduism and ancient India. We demonstrate that there is an intimate connection—an almost exact correspondence—between James Mill’s colonial-racist discourse (Mill was the head of the British East India Company) and the current school textbook discourse. This racist discourse, camouflaged under the cover of political correctness, produces the same psychological impacts on Indian American children that racism typically causes: shame, inferiority, embarrassment, identity confusion, assimilation, and a phenomenon akin to racelessness, where children dissociate from the traditions and culture of their ancestors.

This book is the result of four years of rigorous research and academic peer-review, reflecting our ongoing commitment at Hindupedia to challenge the representation of Hindu Dharma within academia.

Lalitha Sthava Raja

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Sri Lalitha Sthava Raja

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(This great prayer was found by me in an old collection of prayers addressed to the Goddess published by R.S.Vadhyar and sons, Palghat.)

1.Jaya devi jagan matha , jaya devi parathpare,
Jaya kalyani nilaye , jaya kama kalathmike.

Victory to Goddess who is the mother of universe,
Victory to Goddess who is more divine than divinity.
Victory to the store house of pleasant things,
Victory to the soul of the art of love.

2.Jaya Kamesa Vamakshi , Jaya Kamakshi Sundari,
Jayaa akhila suraradhye, jaya kamesi Kamadhe.

Victory to the Goddess who has left eye of Lord Shiva,
Victory to the pretty Goddess Kamakshi,
Victory to the one who is worshipped by all devas,
Victory to the love of the Goddess of love.

3.Jaya brahma maye devi , brahmananda rasathmike,
Jaya Narayani pare , nandhitha sesha vishtape.

Salutations to goddess full of Brahmam,
And to her who is the soul of the divine joy,
Salutations to the divine Narayani,
And to her who is on the top of Nandi as well as Sesha.

4.Jaya srikanta dhayithe , jaya sri lalithambike,
Jaya srivijaye devi, vijaya sri samrudhathe

Victory to the darling of Shiva , Victory to mother Lalitha,
Victory to the goddess of victory ,
Who leads to excess of victory in wars.

5.Jathasya jaayamanasya , ishta poorthasya hethave,
Namasthasyai trijagatham palayithryai parathpare.

Salutations to her who is the cause of fulfillment of those born and that of women,
And to the divine one who looks after all the three worlds.

6.Kalaa muhurtha kaashtahaa mana samvathsarathmike ,
Nama sahasra seershayai , sahasra mukha lochane.

Salutations to thousand headed one and to the one with thousand mouths and eyes,
Who is the soul of time measurement like day , month and year.

7.Nama sahasra hasthabhja pada pankaja shobithe,
Aner anuthare devi mahathopi maheeyasi.

Salutations to her who shines with one thousand lotus like arms and legs,
Who is smaller than the atom and bigger than the biggest.

8.Parathpara thare matha thejasthwam thejasam api,
Athalam thu bhaveth padou , vithalam januni thava

Oh mother you are above divinity and shine more than the most shining,
Your feet are in Athala and your knee are in Vithala

9.Rasa thalam katee dese kukshishte dharani bhaveth,
Hrudayam they bhuvarloka swasthe mudha hrudham.

Your hips are in Rasathala and your abdomen is on earth,
Your heart is in Bhuvar loka and face is joyful as well as ferocious.

10.Drusa chandrarka dahana disasthe bahavombike,
Maruthasthe thwachvasa vachasthe sruthayokhila.

Your eyes are moon, sun and fire and oh mother you see outside in all directions,
Your breath is the wind and your words are heard throughout the world.

11.Kreeda they loka rachanaa , sakhaa they chinmaya shivaa,
Aaharasthe sadanandho vasathe Hrudayam sathaam.

Your sport is the creation of the world , your friend is the pure Lord Shiva,
You take the everlasting happiness as food and live forever in the heart.

12.Drusya drusya swaroopini , roopani bhuvanaani they,
Siroruha nabhasthe thu tharaka kusumani they.

Oh Goddess who has the form of all that we see , your form is the universe,
Your horn is the sky and all the stars are your flowers.

13.Dharmadhyaa baahavasthe sura dharma ayudhani they,
Yamascha niyamascha kara pada ruhasthadhaa.

The dharma are your arms and the dharma of devas are your weapons,
Self control and discipline are your ascended hands and feet

14.Sthanou swahaa swadhakarou loka jeevana karaka,
Pranayamasthu they nasa rasanaa they Saraswathi.

Your breasts are the Swaha(wife of fire) and using swadh the food of manes you look after the world,
Your pranayama is your nose and your appreciation is Goddess Saraswathi.

15.Prathyaharasthvindriyani dhyanam they dheesthu sathama,
Manasthe dharana Shakthi , Hrudayam they samadhikam.

Your sense organs are the act of withdrawal and your meditation is the light of your soul,
Your mind is the power of understanding and your heart is the Samadhi.

16.Maheeruhasthe ageruhaa prabatham vasanam thava,
Bhootham bhavyam bhavishyascha nithyam cha thava vigrahaa.

Your arms are the earth and your hair are your mornings,
Your thoughts are the past, present and the future and your form is permanent.

17.Yagnaroopa jagadathri vishwagroopa cha pavani,
Aadhou yathu dhayabhootha sasrjja nikhilaa prabhaa.

Oh mother of universe whose form is sacrifice and form which surrounds is pure,
From the very beginning your form is mercy and this is acquired by entire people.

18.Hrudayasthapi lokaanama drusyaa mohanathmika,
Nama roopa vibhagam cha yaa karothi swa leeelaya.

That bewitching goddess can be seen in the hearts of all people,
And she differentiates them by name and form through her sport.

19.THanyadhishtaya thishtanthi theshwa sakthartha kamadha,
Namasthasyai maha devyai , sarva shakthyai namo nama.

She exists as our teacher and is in them as desire , wealth and passion,
Salutations to the great goddess and to her who is all powerful.

20.Yaa devi paramaa Shakthi , para brahmhabhidhayini,
Brahmanandabhi dhanaayai thasayai devyai namo nama.

She is the great divine power , who gives us knowledge of even the Brahmam,
Salutations to her who gives us even the divine joy.

21. Yadagnaya pravarthanthe vahni suryendu marutha,
Pruthvayadhii bhoothani , thasyai devyai namo nama

Salutations to the goddess according to whose , Sun, moon, fire,
Earth as well as the other elements work.

22.Ya sasrjja vidhaatharam sargadhou aadhibhooriyaa,
Dadhaara swayamevaika thasyai devyai namo nama.

She gave lord Brahma in abundance the power to create,
Though she herself could alone do it and salutations to her.

23.Yayaa druthasa thu dharani yayaa akasa dhya ameyaya,
Yasyam udethi savitha , thasyai devyai namo nama.

She carried the earth as well as the immeasurable sky ,
And due to her the Sun rises and my salutations are to her.

24.Yadantharastham tridivam yadhadhaaro anthareekshakaa,
Yanmaya schakhilo lokasthasyai namo nama.

She is the distance to the highest heaven and she is the basis of environment,
And she is spread all over the world and to her are my salutations.

25.yathradethi jagat kruthsnam , yathra thishtathi nirbharam,
Yathra anthamethyi kale thu thasyai devyai namo nama.

She makes the entire world rise and she stays there completely
And she is there till it ends, and to her are my salutations.

26.Namo namasthe rajasthe bhavayai,
Namo namasthe sathvika samsthithayai,
Namo namsthe thamase harayai,
Namo namo nirgunatha sivayai.

Salutations and salutations to her who has rajo guna,
Salutations and salutations to her in whom satva guna rests,
Salutations and salutations to one who destroys thamasic qualities,
Salutations and salutations to the Parvathi who is without any qualities.

27.Namo namsthe jagadeka mathre,
Namo namasthe Jadeka pithre,
Namo namasthe akhila roopa thanthre,
Namo namasthe akhila yagna roope

Salutations and salutations to mother of universe,
Salutations and salutations to father of universe,
Salutations and salutations to her who is the thantra of all forms,
Salutations and salutations to her who is the form of all worship.

28.Namo nama loka guru pradhane,
Namo namasthe akhila vag vibhuthyai,
Namosthu lakshmyai jagadeka thushtaio,
Namo nama Sambhavi Sarva shakthyai.

Salutations and salutations to the prime teacher of the world,
Salutations and salutations to the Goddess of words,
Salutation to Lakshmi who satisfies the entire world,
Salutations to the all powerful consort of Shambu

29.Anadhi madhyantha Pancha bhouthika,
Hyavang mano gamya matharkya vaibhavam,
Aroopa madwandhwa drushti gocharam,
Prabhavam agryam kadambhe varnyathe.

You are the beginning , middle and end, you are the five elements,
Your greatness is beyond, words and mind and has a greatness which is beyond everything,
You are without any form , complicated and not visible ,
And how can we oh mother , describe your matchless greatness.

30.Praseedha visweswari, viswa vandithe,
Praseeda visweswari , veda roopini,
Praseedha mayamayi manthra vigrahe,
Praseedha sarveswari sarva roopini.

Be pleased Goddess of universe who is being saluted by the universe,
Be pleased Goddess of universe who is the form of the Vedas,
Be pleased one who is pervaded by illusion and who is the real form of all chants,
Be pleased Goddess of all who is seen in all forms.

31.Ithi sthuthwa mahe devim devaa sarve savasava,
Bhooyo bhooyo namaskruthya saranam jagmu ranjasa.

All the devas who lived in Indra’s kingdom thus prayed the Goddess,
And again and again saluted her and requested for her protection.

32.Thatha prasanna saa devi pranatham veekshya vaasavam,
Varena chandayamasa varada akhila dehinaam

Thus pleased that goddess looked at the saluting devas,
And agreed to give boons so that all people are blessed.

33.Ye sthuvannthi cha maam bhakthyaa sthavenaanena manava,
Bhaajanam they bhavishyanthi dharma sri yasasaam sadaa.

Those men who pray me using this prayer with devotion,
And worship me , would become wealthy, famous and Dharmic.

34. Vidhyaa vinaya sampanna meerogaa , deerga jeevina,
Puthra mitha kalathradyaa bhavanthi mad anugrahath.

By my blessing they would gain humility, knowledge ,
Live long without any diseases and would get sons , friends and wife.

Ithi Lalithopakhyane ,
Asthamodhyaye Lalitha sthava raja.

This is the king of prayers addressed to Lalitha,
Occurring in the 8th chapter of Lalitha upakhyana.